A Few Thoughts On Richard Sherman

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Richard Sherman

Richard Sherman is not a thug. He’s not a punk. He’s not a villain. He is not many of the things people have called him since his childish outburst on national television. Richard Sherman is not a role model. He is not “better at life” than you, despite what some grandstanding bloggers would have you believe. Richard Sherman is a hypocrite.

Richard Sherman doesn’t want us to judge him in his worst moments. He wants us to judge him by the philanthropic work he does, some league and team mandated, others surely of his own volition. But we judge all of the chuckleheheads that posted absolutely vile statements about Richard Sherman online in their worst moments. Why should Richard Sherman be special?

Richard Sherman wants us to take his side in this ridiculous feud with Michael Crabtree because he hates Michael Crabtree. Because Michael Crabtree said something to Richard Sherman in Arizona. But because of some convenient bro code Richard Sherman won’t out Michael Crabtree for what he said. Why should we take Richard Sherman’s side?

“We win with graciousness, when we lose we could do better. Some teams don’t always do that or that’s not their program.”

Tom Brady on Richard Sherman

One thing missing from his entire “statement” were the simple words, I’m sorry. He blamed it outburst on adrenaline, on Michael Crabtree being a bad person, and on other things. But he never owned up to the fact that he got up in front of that microphone and spouted off like an idiot. He did allegedly apologize to a reporter via text message. That’s pretty cowardly. Real men own up to their mistakes, no matter how small, as Richard Sherman’s really was, or how big, as Bill Simmons and Grantland’s was. If you want to read an apology, and Richard Sherman really should study a few, Bill Simmons did it the right way.

And that’s really what it comes down to. Richard Sherman has done nothing to deserve a free pass from the media, sports fans, or anyone else. But that’s no reason for the public to be disrespectful and allow him to paint himself as the victim. We’re all better than that, aren’t we Richard?

The XXX Olympics (I know, not as cool as it sounds)

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What in God's name is Lisa doing to Bart?!

So far we are only a few days into the XXX Olympics and already a plethora of items have surfaced.  First off, a big #Fail to London’s weather, I mean it’s the XXX Olympics, and your cool nights have forced the woman’s beach volleyball teams to wear long shirts and pants. But hey, at least we have woman’s field hockey, thanks Netherlands! Now, aside from ESPN’s article on the frat party gang bang that apparently goes on within the Olympic Village, 1 item just blew me away and it was from Men’s gymnastics.  I know, but stay with me for a moment.  During the Men’s team event, there was a big controversy over the home Brits getting Silver, and the Japanese 5th place. The Japanese coach at the scene of the score announcement filed an inquiry, which I guess is a complaint to review what happened in the final event. But the craziest part was he had cash in his hand as he approached the judges.  And apparently, not only is this OK, it is standard procedure!  Per the rules:

After the score has been posted, a coach may inquire about the Difficulty Score, first verbally and then in writing. An inquiry may be resolved by using video review. The initial inquiry must be made prior to the completion of the next gymnast’s routine. The written inquiry must be submitted before the end of the rotation, and the Superior Jury reviews the inquiry. A fee is assessed for filing an inquiry; it is returned if the inquiry is upheld.


Really? You need to pay to have an inquiry performed?  Here is a list of questions that immediately came to mind:

  • Do they accept credit cards?
  • How about pay pal?
  • Is exact change required?
  • What currency is valid?
  • What’s the exchange rate used?
  • If you forgot your wallet, can you bum money off of another country?
  • Is the coach reimbursed by his/her country for his payment?


I’m just blown away that a team has to pay AT THE OLYMPICS, with cash in hand to get something reviewed. Then, I started to think how this would apply to other sports.  What about in the NFL, if they instituted anything over 3 replays in a game, you had to pay in cash, $175 for each additional review.  Wouldn’t it be great to watch Andy Reid on his 5th replay of the game, running around trying to find someone who can break 2 c notes? Guarantee he buys a hotdog from a vendor to get change.  Or what about Bill Belichick, he’d totally pay in pennies, just to be a dick.

Oh yeah, so the inquiry was upheld, the Japanese coach got his cash money back, and Japan ended up getting the silver medal, and Britain got the bronze.  Good times!

The Kobe That We Used To Know

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After the Lakers got bounced from the playoffs by the Oklahoma City Thunder, some fans are left wondering what has happened to their team. One musically-inclined fan seems to lay the blame at the feet of none other than Kobe Bean Bryant.

[via Complex]

Alternative Ending for the NBA lockout of 2011

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We have a number of hoops-heads at The Drubbing.  We believe that the NBA season can be saved.  We believe that Dwayne Wade’s shouting match with Commissioner Stern will not lead us any closer to a new collective bargaining agreement.  We believe that one player has the capability to thwart basketball Armageddon.

That player said that he would fly to New York for future negotiations if the negotiations were at a point that warranted his attendance.  That player could save the NBA.  That player’s name is Kobe Bryant.  This is the story of how Kobe Bryant taking over the role of lead negotiator on behalf of the Union will save the NBA season.
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King Football

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You can debate whether or not Joe Paterno “did enough” by passing reports of child abuse up the chain of command, and you can debate whether or not going after him is worthwhile because of his age. But what is not up for debate is that this is just the most recent occurrence of a long string of avoidable mis-steps by major collegiate athletic programs. Almost all of which have been attempted to be covered up. I hate to think about how many others are still successfully being covered up.
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The pitch of a nation. The pitch for 2,977.

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Ten years ago, on September 11th, 2001, one of the worst terrorist attacks on American soil took place physically in New York, Washington D.C. and Pennsylvania.  As you can see I mentioned the word physically because to me it took place in every American emotionally. We saw the fear in the eyes of those watching the towers collapse. We heard screams and tones of disbelief.  We saw our flag tattered. We saw our land of the free slowly being bulldozed away.  But in this moment we heard a voice stir in each one of us and remind us not to forget the other statement in our Star Spangled Banner: We are the home of the brave.  This was capsulated to Americans and the world in one moment.  In one pitch.

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2011 NBA Mock Draft: Part 3

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Our 2011 NBA Mock Draft concludes with picks 21 through 30. If you missed it make sure to check out the first 10 picks in Part 1 and picks 11 through 20 in Part 2.

21. Portland Trail Blazers

Jeremy Tyler (PF) – Tokyo Apache (Japan)

If Portland could trade the 21st pick in the draft for new knees for Brandon Roy they would, but they can’t.  Given that Andre Miller is the starting point guard and that his back-up is Patty Mills (really?), Portland decides that it needs to select size and goes with Jeremy Tyler who averaged 9.9 points per game and 6.4 rebounds per game while playing for Tokyo Apache in Japan.  This pick should work out for Portland about as well as Greg Oden, but at least they didn’t pass on Durant to draft Tyler.  This seems to bring us back to the Jailblazers days as write-ups on Tyler say that he needs to work on “maturity.”  I’d also guess that he needs to work on rebounding since he couldn’t average six and a half in the Japanese league.
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2011 NBA Mock Draft: Part 2

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Our 2011 NBA Mock Draft continues with picks 11 through 20. If you missed it make sure to check out the first 10 picks in Part 1.

11. Golden State Warriors

Tristan Thompson (PF) – Texas

Mark Jackson’s first draft should be interesting. He brings a lot to the table. Jackson has zero years of experience as a coach, but he is a grown man. With that said, mama there goes that man, Tristan Thompson. Think of Thompson as a Taj Gibson like player, adding depth and rebounding to the Warriors’ front court. The Warriors need help with their depth everywhere and Thompson is the best player left on the board of a woefully weak draft. Jackson himself could re-enter his name in this draft and get picked in the 1st round.
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2011 NBA Mock Draft: Part 1

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The order is set, the players have done their workouts, the teams have had their meetings. The only thing left for us to do is have a mock draft. With the help of Ryan and Rodney we’ve tried to get into the head of NBA GM’s to predict their moves and lay out a roadmap for what they should do. We’ll post the full round one mock draft over the next few days, but here are the first 10 picks.

1. Cleveland Cavaliers

With the first pick in the 2011 NBA Draft, Dan Gilbert, Nick Gilbert, the Cleveland Cavaliers, John Kasich, the State of Ohio, Joshua Cribbs, Joe Haden, Bernie Kosar  and Vincent Connare select… Derrick Williams (PF) – Arizona.

While this pick does nothing to settle Cleveland’s point guard battle between the ghost of Baron Davis and Under-Performing 1st Team selection Ramon Sessions, Williams is the safest pick in this weak and PG heavy draft. He’ll immediately compete with the aging Antawn Jamison for minutes and will surely shoot a higher field goal percentage. Williams’ biggest plus will be providing the easy buckets that the Cavs have so dearly missed since a certain someone took his “talents” to South Beach.

Added bonus, everyone knows Khan can’t resist drafting point guards so he’ll have no choice but to field a roster with Johny Flynn, Luke Ridnour, Ricky Rubio and Kyrie Irving.
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America’s Idle

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We love our athletes.  I know I do.  I had posters on my wall growing up of Michael Jordan, Frank Thomas, Pavel Bure and of course Kathy Ireland.  The latter is another story for another time, but I digress.  We idolize them and even put together our own little game of “American Idol” together to select our favorite.   We even go back and forth between teams because we may follow a particular player or buy new jerseys when they change their number.  With every generation there are players we look up to as kids and even as we grow into adults with a kids heart, we continue to follow them even though they are not what they were in their prime.  But as I look around at yesterdays and todays athletes, I believe there is a vast hole of this “Idle” winner in the world today… if you’re looking in the wrong place.

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