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2009 NBA Finals Predictions

, Thursday, June 4, 2009 at 1:03 PM Comments (3)

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Chuck has some kind words for the rest of the TNT crew

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The NBA has an image problem

, Monday, June 1, 2009 at 11:48 PM Comments (4)

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Basketball is a beautiful game. It can be played with grace and athleticism from the NBA all the way down to your local rec league. Unlike the four other major sports, sick it requires no alteration of the game or rules to be played by average people. We simplify baseball with softball, pacify football with flag and touch alterations, and forego skate and pucks in hockey in favor of our feet and balls. Basketball requires no such alterations, which makes it a relatable game to everyone. Besides the three point line and playing two 20 minute halves, most rec league games are played under the same conditions as an NBA basketball game. This should be a tremendous advantage to the NBA in terms of generating fans. People are excited about the PGA playing the U.S. Open at a course that regular people play on. The NBA has an almost exact version of this in every game. What is the problem you ask then?

The problems are numerous, and were dealt with quite eloquently by the Sports Guy here. For our purposes, lets just focus on two or three obvious ones:
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Come Fly with Me

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All NBA Conference Finals Team

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NBA to players, coaches, GMs and fans: You’re either stupid or not listening

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How not to fix the NBA’s perceived image problem

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We’ll miss you Chuck Daly

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Please, please, please, pleeeeease fix NBA playoff officiating

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The NBA, Where Inconsistency Happens

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