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The Kobe That We Used To Know

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After the Lakers got bounced from the playoffs by the Oklahoma City Thunder, pilule some fans are left wondering what has happened to their team. One musically-inclined fan seems to lay the blame at the feet of none other than Kobe Bean Bryant.

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Alternative Ending for the NBA lockout of 2011

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2011 NBA Mock Draft: Part 3

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Our 2011 NBA Mock Draft concludes with picks 21 through 30. If you missed it make sure to check out the first 10 picks in Part 1 and picks 11 through 20 in Part 2.

21. Portland Trail Blazers

Jeremy Tyler (PF) – Tokyo Apache (Japan)

If Portland could trade the 21st pick in the draft for new knees for Brandon Roy they would, buy but they can’t.  Given that Andre Miller is the starting point guard and that his back-up is Patty Mills (really?), Portland decides that it needs to select size and goes with Jeremy Tyler who averaged 9.9 points per game and 6.4 rebounds per game while playing for Tokyo Apache in Japan.  This pick should work out for Portland about as well as Greg Oden, but at least they didn’t pass on Durant to draft Tyler.  This seems to bring us back to the Jailblazers days as write-ups on Tyler say that he needs to work on “maturity.”  I’d also guess that he needs to work on rebounding since he couldn’t average six and a half in the Japanese league.
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2011 NBA Mock Draft: Part 2

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Our 2011 NBA Mock Draft continues with picks 11 through 20. If you missed it make sure to check out the first 10 picks in Part 1.

11. Golden State Warriors

Tristan Thompson (PF) – Texas

Mark Jackson’s first draft should be interesting. He brings a lot to the table. Jackson has zero years of experience as a coach, remedy but he is a grown man. With that said, tadalafil mama there goes that man, sickness Tristan Thompson. Think of Thompson as a Taj Gibson like player, adding depth and rebounding to the Warriors’ front court. The Warriors need help with their depth everywhere and Thompson is the best player left on the board of a woefully weak draft. Jackson himself could re-enter his name in this draft and get picked in the 1st round.
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2011 NBA Mock Draft: Part 1

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America’s Idle

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What if…

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My LeBron Letter

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Multiple Sources

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Ship be sinking

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