2011 NBA Mock Draft: Part 2

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Our 2011 NBA Mock Draft continues with picks 11 through 20. If you missed it make sure to check out the first 10 picks in Part 1.

11. Golden State Warriors

Tristan Thompson (PF) – Texas

Mark Jackson’s first draft should be interesting. He brings a lot to the table. Jackson has zero years of experience as a coach, remedy but he is a grown man. With that said, tadalafil mama there goes that man, sickness Tristan Thompson. Think of Thompson as a Taj Gibson like player, adding depth and rebounding to the Warriors’ front court. The Warriors need help with their depth everywhere and Thompson is the best player left on the board of a woefully weak draft. Jackson himself could re-enter his name in this draft and get picked in the 1st round.

12. Utah Jazz

Chris Singleton (SF) – Florida State University

Utah would have loved a point guard here, however, Marshon Brooks is a reach and he’s not a point guard.  Utah also considered Klay Thompson, but needs help defensively.  Enter Chris Singleton, Small Forward, Florida State.  Thompson would have given Utah outside shooting, but at this point, defense is a bigger need.  Trotting out Gordon Hayward, Devin Harris, Al Jefferson, and Enes Kanter would give teams a license to drop 120 per game on Utah.  Singleton hides some of Utah’s defensive deficiencies.  Singleton’s ceiling is slightly higher than ESPN Commentator Bruce Bowen’s ceiling was when he left Cal State Fullerton  Of course, Bowen was undrafted.  In this pathetic draft, the ability to guard 2-3 positions places you squarely in the lottery.

13. Phoenix Suns

Klay Thompson (SG)  – Washington State

Phoenix continues their rebuilding process in the weirdest way possible here by adding some depth in what is likely their shallowest position. Since the beloved Suns nucleus began being dismantled years ago they’ve been a revolving door with the only constant being Steve Nash and later Grant Hill. They look to return to their successful draft selection history by picking up a lengthy shooting guard that can light it up from outside and should be able to contribute early in the season with his only competition being Josh Childress after Half-Man No-Longer-Amazing departs from the desert any day now.

14. Houston Rockets

Nikola Vucevic (C) – USC

The Rockets roll the dice on the Euro card yet again, this time getting Nikola.  With Yao Ming’s feet leaving his ability to ever play again in question, Houston goes with the biggest player in the draft.  He is not very athletic, but he is tall and white, so he has that going for him.  Think of Nikola as a poor man’s Marc Gasol, and jump for joy if you are in the Houston area, as you just landed yourself a nice backup Center!

15. Indiana Pacers

Alec Burks (SG) – Colorado

The Basketball Jesus is upset for a number of reasons right now, but none of them include the name Jimmer Fredette.  He is upset that he has to select a shooting guard that can’t shoot to join a backcourt that includes Dahntay Jones (can’t shoot), Brandon Rush (mediocre shooter at best), Darren Collison (can’t shoot), and Born Ready (can’t shoot).  The Basketball Jesus is also upset because he knows that it is highly doubtful that Burks will ever be able to penetrate a defense at the NBA level like he could when playing against Nebraska.  Alec Burks looks like the second coming of Dahntay Jones… too bad the original Dahntay Jones is already on the Pacers roster.

16. Philadelphia 76ers

Jordan Hamilton (SF) – Texas

With the inevitable trade of Andre Iguodala, Philly moves to bolster their front-court scoring with the versatile and offensive-minded Hamilton. Production out of their front line has been a consistent issue in Philly for a while now. But if they can swing an Iguodala trade that brings them a big man that can contribute consistently then Hamilton will be in a position to be a part of a high-octane lineup with Thad Young, Jodie Meeks and Jrue Holiday that can race teams out of the gym and put points on their face.

17. New York Knicks

Marshon Brooks (SG) – Providence

At the end of the year when the Knicks were starting to pull it together their one glaring weekness that ultimately lead to their demise was their lack of depth at the point guard position. Brooks doesn’t help them there, but he does fill in the gaps at their second-thinnest position, shooting guard. And give them the flexibility to make a trade for a point guard (Steve Nash anyone?) that includes Landry Fields. Brooks is a knock-down shooter and far superior scorer to Fields, who frequently found himself on the bench at the end of playoff games, which will make the job of the teams point guards even easier. And will make teams think twice before doubling Melo or Amare with Brooks’ defender.

18. Washington Wizards (from Hawks)

Bismack Biyombo (PF) – Congo

Chocolate City, the home of Marion Berry, Wale, Donnie Simpson, Big Tig, Alexander Ovechkin, John Wall, and now Bismack Biyombo.  Ted Leonsis thinks that he can recreate the Washington Capitals success with the Bullets by stockpiling talented young players.  We’re not sure the Washington Capitals are worth recreating given that they can’t advance past the Second Round of the NHL Playoffs, but that is a different article.  Regardless, we have some news for Teddy and his vision: John Wall is not Alexander Ovechkin, and Bismack Biyombo is not a late first round gift like Mike Green or John Carlson.  According to Chad Ford, an anonymous general manager described Biyombo’s most recent workout by stating “Bismack Biyombo played one-against-none today . . . and he lost.”  D-League fans get ready because Biyombo sounds a lot like an even less talented version of Hasheem Thabeet.

19. Charlotte Bobcats (from Hornets/Blazers)

Darius Morris (PG) – Michigan

You’ve gotta feel for MJ here. The current Bobcats roster is without a doubt one of the most pathetic rosters I’ve ever seen. They’re one Stephen Jackson away from a D-League team. It’s that bad. So the obvious question is, where do you start? The answer, anywhere. You take the best available player. And at this point, that’s Darius Morris. Since 2005 the Bobcats first round picks have included three UNC players, and a Dukie. It’s time to step outside of MJ’s back yard and pick up Morris from Michigan who will immediately be competing for minutes with D.J. Augustin and Shaun Livingston. MJ has nothing to lose. Out of all of the Bobcats 14 draft picks, only two are still with the team. Augustin and Gerald Henderson. Ouch.

20. Minnesota Timberwolves (from Grizzlies/Jazz)

Kenneth Faried (PF) – Pitino U errr… Moorehead State

KAHN! contemplated Norris Cole & Iman Shumpert, before Ricky Rubio’s agent put out a hit on David’s life.  With that said, Kahn is somehow doing the reasonable thing and helping the T-wolves out with some defense.  Faried is not a flashy guy, but will do the dirty work that Beasley, Wes Johnson & Darko refuse to do.  It’s funny that this is the pick the T-wolves got in the Al Jefferson trade because they have essentially swapped a guy that is all offense and no defense for someone that is all defense and no offense.  There aren’t that many play-makers in the draft, so to come away with a role player is better than… oh I don’t know… Jonas Valanciunas (go ahead Fran, fire away!).

2011 NBA Mock Draft

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