Carl Crawford, Modern Day Jim Thorpe

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Hot Carl Crawford

Hot Carl Crawford

The best athlete i have personally seen in my lifetime is Bo Jackson.  The second best, find Tecmo Bo.  Unfortunately for us, shop Bo suffered a career ending injury and we never really got to witness him playing over a prolonged period of time.  We also, never got to see him play just 1 sport full time.  This most likely took away from the absolute best he could have been either on the football field, or at the ball park.  One can only speculate how amazing his career would have been.

Carl Crawford is a very interesting athlete.  I did not learn how good of an athlete he really was until i heard over the radio some stories about him.  Once again, check out the all reliable wikipedia entry.  Carl lettered in 4 sports, was offered a scholarship to play point at historic UCLA, signed a letter of intent to play QB at Nebraska (which was a national powerhouse at the time) but ultimately decided to sign with the Devil Rays after being drafted in the 2nd round, 52nd overall.  Those offers are from some very prestigious schools.  With as fast, powerfully, and coordinated Carl is, i can only imagine what impact he would have had on the bball court, or on the football field.

Other recent great athletes to get noticed in different sports are:

  • Kenny Lofton (who upon leaving the University of Arizona, was their all-time steals leader)
  • Dave Winfield was drafted in 3 sports, San Diego Padres for baseball, the Atlanta Hawks (NBA) and Utah Stars (ABA) for basketball, and Minnesota Vikings for football.
  • Deon Sanders played both in the NFL (multiple teams) and MLB (Braves & Reds)
  • Brian Jordan played both in the NFL (Falcons) and MLB (Braves)
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