*Chuck Norris Presents The Drubbing links of the week 16

, Friday, May 15, 2009 at 8:00 AM Comments (0)

Chuck NorrisBrett Favre , tadalafil Aroid & now Manny dominate the news….lovely:

The “are you effing kidding me” award goes to this Orlando Magic fan with his story 162606″ target=”_blank”>absurd demands.

What do the Dolphins and Jimmy Buffet have in common?

Phil Jackson wants the media to give Houston some errr credit.

Your Weekly Chuck Norris Fact:

Chuck Norris trims his beard with a dull bayonet.

* Please note that Chuck Norris is in no way affiliated with The Drubbing or its writers. If he did find out we were using his name in a gimmick he would roundhouse kick all of us to death.

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