Roberto Alomar deserves better

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This week 142 people did something stupider than Gilbert Arenas’ 21 gun salute.

This week 142 people lost their collective minds and should lose their collective jobs.

This week 142 people decided that Roberto Alomar was not worthy of being elected to the Hall of Fame in his first year of eligibility.  As a result, discount Roberto Alomar, pills needlessly, recipe must wait until 2011 to stand at the podium at Cooperstown and tell John Hirschbeck how he… deliver a Hall of Fame speech.

Not bad Robby, not bad at all

Not bad Robby, not bad at all

If it was numbers that the 142 baseball writers wanted, Roberto Alomar had plenty of numbers.  The 142 people stupider than Gilbert Arenas should ponder the following:

Career Batting Average: .300
Career Home Runs: 210
Career Hits: 2,724
Career RBI: 1,134
Career Steals: 474
Career OPS: .814
Career Gold Gloves: 10 (most by a second baseman in history)
Career All Star Teams: 12 (consecutively)
Won a World Series: 1992, 1993
ALCS MVP: 1992
Dated Mary Pierce: Yes.  Yes.  Yes.
First Ballot Hall of Famer: What?

Roberto Alomar is the definition of a Hall of Famer.  If dominance is the measure of a Hall of Famer, then 142 baseball writers failed to vote for the most dominant player on the most dominant team of the early 1990s.  If numbers define whether a player is a Hall of Famer, I directed to you to the numbers set forth above.  If dating hot chicks determines whether a player is a Hall of Famer, I direct you to Mary Pierce.

The 142 baseball writers who decided that Roberto Alomar was not worthy of induction into the Hall of Fame in 2010 cannot blame steroids—Roberto’s name is clean.  The 142 baseball writers cannot blame Roberto’s taste in women—as stated above it is fantastic (see, e.g., Mary Pierce).  The 142 baseball writers cannot blame Gilbert Arenas.  The 142 baseball writers cannot blame anyone or anything but themselves for the stupidity that they exhibited.

Nothing got by Roberto

Nothing got by Roberto, until now

These 142 baseball writers (who likely never actually played baseball) are deciding who is inducted into the Hall of Fame.  Rather than receiving a ballot in the mail next year, these 142 writers should have received a pink slip in their mail yesterday.  When most of us commit an error that is so stupid as to be mind-blowing, we lose our jobs.  However, these 142 writers will lose nothing.  These 142 writers will receive their ballots again next year, and somehow Roberto Alomar will magically become more worthy.  Apparently being the best second baseman ever does not make you worthy of being elected to Cooperstown on the first ballot.  As long as these 142 writers continue to have their voting privileges, Cooperstown will continue on its path to becoming a bigger joke than home-field advantage being based upon who wins the All Star Game.

Roberto, you do not need the vindication of 142 idiots, you were a Hall of Famer the day you retired.

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