The Basketball Jesus Rankings: Week 7

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Basketball JesusWeek seven is complete and naturally LeBron retains his top spot and has a healthy lead over the early season surprise, Chris Bosh, in second. There weren’t any exceptionally huge games last week. Just big-time players continuing to put up big numbers. Now here’s how they stack up.

1. LeBron James [1,051]
No big surprise here, King James is the first to make it to 1,000 points on the year. The real question is, how long will it be until Shaq gets his wish, and LeBron becomes the new coach of the Cavs.

2. Chris Bosh [980]
Bosh is quietly having a monster year up north of the border. Calderon is hurt, Hedo can’t seem to put two good games together and wins have been pretty hard to come by. But Bosh is playing like a man possessed.

3. Carmelo Anthony [947]
The league leader in scoring is keeping pace with King James, but he’s going to have to do more than just score if he’s going to close the early gap.

4. Dirk Nowitzki [920]
Dirk doesn’t seem to be letting his baby momma get in the way of him being an absolute stud this year. With the injurries they’ve had, Dirk is the sole reason they’re at the top of their division.

5. Kevin Durant [849]
28, 32 and 29. Not a bad week of scoring considering he only got to play three games. As long as he keeps up pace as the third-leading scorer, behind Melo and Bron, he’ll keep a spot as a contender.

6. Dwyane Wade [843 ]
He’s fifth in scoring at 27 per. He’s 14th in assists with 5.9 a contest. And he’s averaging 5.4 rebounds a game. With a little increase across the board and Wade will easily reclaim his normal spot in the top three.

7. Kobe Bryant [825]
Kobe, Kobe, Kobe. If The Rankings took toughness into consideration then Bryant would have the top spot for sure. Unfortunately, all Kobe gets is a drop in The Rankings to go with his drop in performance as long as that broken finger is bothering him.

8. Carlos Boozer [804]
Boozer has rebounded well from his poor output in an injury-plagued season last year. If he can be a little more consistent might be able to make a run at the top three spots.

9. Monta Ellis [788]
It’s good to be king, as LeBron will tell you. But in Golden State, that’s Monta. He put up 31, 18, 27 and 29 in four games last week. That’s one way to move yourself up the rankings. And his 5 assists per game on the season doesn’t hurt either.

10. Brandon Roy [771]
Mr. Consistent himself has claimed another spot in the rankings as we’d expect. The big story will be whether or not Roy picks up his production with Greg Oden out for the season. Big Ol’ Joel should be able to pick up most of the rebounding slack. But it may open up the lane a bit more where Roy can be deadly off the dribble.

11. Steve Nash [765]
Nash isn’t on anyone’s MVP list this year but he’s still averaging 18 points per game and 11 assists. Silly numbers like that will easily keep him in The Rankings. Not to mention putting up scoring efforts of 27, 20 and 28 last week. The second of which included an 18 assist outburst against Orlando.

12. Andre Iguodala [737]
Philly’s season has been a nightmare. It’s been hard to get in a groove when your lineup is constantly changing and your point guard is gone for two months. But somehow Iguodala charges on. And weeks like the last with 31, 18 and 24 will continue to earn him a spot.

13. Brook Lopez [735]
Lopez appears to be the one bright spot for the New Jersey Nets. As many injuries as they’ve had, Lopez has managed to avoid being one of them and continues to produce. I didn’t believe for a minute that Lopez could keep up the 20 and 10 he was averaging early in the season but he’s doing it. And all while shooting 49% from the field and 84% from the line. Not too shabby.

14. Dwight Howard [734]
This is what happens when you have games where you only attempt one shot. Howard is still having trouble keeping pace with the big guns this season. But his mind may be on things other than basketball.

15. Joe Johnson [719]
Hang in there Joe, don’t let your streak end now. You’ve worked so hard to stay in the rankings for so long.

Note: Point, rebound and assist total listed next to the player.

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