The MLS is expanding, that’s right, expanding

, Monday, August 10, 2009 at 9:13 AM Comments (8)

David Beckham has a wandering eyeIf an expansion team is added in the MLS, does anyone know about it? I guess not. This one came as a shocker to me. In 2010 the MLS will have a new team, the Philadelphia Union. The only thing more shocking to most people I’ve talked to was that the MLS was still around.

David Beckham was supposed to be the savior of the MLS. There was supposed to be a flood of international talent that would rush over the league upon his arrival. To his credit there were a few players that defected from more popular leagues. But all that hype and media coverage lasted for a month or so.

But as the newest black eye for the MLS, it looks like Beckham will be heading back over seas. Pretty interesting considering the rhetoric “Becks” spewed when he first made the move to the L.A. Galaxy.

It’s also about being an ambassador for the game here and, hopefully, it is going to encourage other players to come to the States and be part of this because soccer in America can become much bigger.

That’s why I’m here. I want to be part of the growth of the game in the States.

The game doesn’t appear to have grown much. And this won’t help. Potential U.S. soccer fans won’t be quick to get behind a group of players that appear greedy and flighty and play a sport that is still very foreign in many U.S. communities.

But if the MLS is expanding, they’ve got to at least be doing kind of well, right?

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