Much ado about a nothing dunk

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83006835_DLK010_CAVS_V_BOBCMuch of my time these past few weeks has consisted of listening to ESPN radio commentators discussing Xavier’s Jordon Crawford dunking on Lebron. Nike apparently confiscated and censored said video. Upon hearing this, I assumed that this must be one of the most embarrassing incidents ever experienced by a professional athlete.

Video of this incident finally surfaced yesterday showing Lebron a step slow at moving out of his zone position to defend against Crawford’s drive to the basket. James was not defending Crawford 1 on 1. Crawford did not go directly over or even at James. James did not go down. See for yourself.

The King of Cram

The King of Cram

I’m sure you will have ascertained as I have that this video has been extremely overhyped. To prove this point I have assembled 12 links below showing what it truly means to be dunked on. Enjoy.

  1. Vince Carter at the Olympics
  2. Deron Washington against Boston College
  3. Jordon on Patrick Ewing
  4. Vince Carter on Alonzo Mourning
  5. Wade on Jermaine O’Neal
  6. Kobe over Shaq
  7. Yao Ming over Ben Wallace
  8. Trevor Ariza over Grant Hill
  9. tOSU’s Terelle Prior over some poor high school kid
  10. Jonny Flynn on Mike Rosario
  11. Brandon Roy on Cheikh Samb
  12. Patrick Chewing

And an honorable mention of something far more embarrassing than Lebron’s incident despite not truly being a “dunked on” moment…

Unnamed Syracuse Quarterback “lay-uped on” by Deron Washington

Feel free to add any other embarrassing dunked on moments under comments.

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