Only six more years until LeBron suits up for the New York Giants

, Wednesday, July 8, 2009 at 9:08 AM Comments (0)

As noted before, there’s no doubt that LeBron James will be going to New York Knicks when his contract in Cleveland is up. No other city can offer LeBron what New York can. Between basketball, business and celebrity, New York was made for James. But as we’ve seen with other premier athletes, one sport can only keep them occupied for so long. Deion Sanders, Bo Jackson and the 45, Michael Jeffrey Jordan.

So how long will the NBA, Nike, Coke, Microsoft and State Farm be able to keep LeBron occupied. If recent history is any indication, we may not have long to wait. Jordan needed a break once he got to 30. Which gives LeBron six more years until he needs a change.

When LeBron decides to try something else, it’s no secret that his natural move is to the NFL. He’s fast enough to be a running back or a defensive back. Smart enough to be a quarterback. Has good enough hands to be a wide receiver or a tight end. Strong enough to be a linebacker and big enough to be a defensive lineman. But the position he’ll be most successful at will certainly be wide receiver. In just two high school seasons he caught 27 touchdowns. And with his size, strength, quickness and hands he could do just the same in the NFL.

It’s a few years down the road, but by that time LeBron will already be in New York, so it’s never too early for the New York Football Giants to start thinking about how to prepare for LeBron. Clear out some cap room, keep a top-ranked quarterback on the roster (Eli Manning or otherwise) and some depth at running back.

The Giants will be unstoppable in the red zone when the defense bites on play action fakes while LeBron is posting up a 5’10” cornerback in the end zone. It’s just too bad Danny Ferry and Mike Brown ruined LeBron’s time in Cleveland. Cause the Cleveland Browns could really use some talent at the wide receiver position.

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