Tiger, Phil please join my foursome!

, Monday, June 29, 2009 at 11:59 AM Comments (0)

I’ve been pouring over this year’s U.S. Open in which Lucas Glover won his first career golf major and his 2nd PGA Tour victory overall. After multiple sleepless nights of number crunching and analyzing theories, cure thanks for nothing Newton, search I’ve come to realize that Al Roker is the man. Yeah, to you he may be a simple weatherman but to me, he’s the sage of golf tournaments to come. “Why?” you ask…let me tell you!

The first thing I want to make note of is that Glover shot 7-under thru the first two rounds, one stroke shy of tying Ricky Barnes for the 36-hole scoring record. Quite an accomplishment for a communications major and golf pro whose name I had never heard spoken in any context. Furthermore, Glover was in contention the entire tournament. Those first two rounds were played in the worst weather I had ever seen at a golf tournament. Where were the pros we all know and love? They were busy stinking it up shooting way over par. Yeah, plus over par – and I don’t mean dinner date over par either [+1, get it?]. I’m talking 8-over par and I can do that, albeit on my birthday with pristine conditions.

I love watching golf; it’s the closest I can get to the outdoors for a prolonged period of time without having an allergic reaction. The only thing I love more than watching golf is watching golf where the underdog dominates. But why was the underdog dominating on the big stage? Here’s why, he listened to Al Roker! The weather report called for rain and those first two rain-soaked rounds were all Glover needed to get into contention and hold on for dear life. Phil, Tiger: when was the last time you played golf in the rain? Never. When was the last time you played golf on a horrible course? That long ago, huh? Well, I’ve recently played putt-putt in the rain and golfed horrible public courses [I’m not bragging unless you’re impressed ladies]. The point I’m trying to make here is that Lucas Glover has probably played more bad courses recently than Tiger Woods or Phil Mickelson and that led to his 2nd round 64 and ultimately his win. When he woke up and saw the weather report I’m sure he was resolute in the belief that he could win this thing, which he did. Congratulations Lucas Glover, pray for rain.

Oh yeah, all that number crunching yielded these results: when the weather is good, Tiger wins. When the weather is bad…take the field. So, Tiger and Phil, let’s go golfing – I can give you pointers.

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