Wrigley Field Bleachers, America’s largest single bar

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dead center, right inbetween the beer and the bathrooms.

dead center, right inbetween the beer and the bathrooms.

Saturday the 18th of April, i took in my first bleacher game experience at Wrigley Field, in Chicago’s North side.  I had been to other games at Wrigley, but never sat in the bleacher section.  For those who have never been, this is quiet an experience.  The tickets are general admission, and typically re-sell for a lot higher than other seats in the stadium.  Around the stadium is some of the best pre-game bars you will find in America.

We started off at the Uberstein, where the beer flows like wine, and shots flow in shotskiis.  This is one of my favorite dive bars near the stadium, as it avoids the tourists.  If you are ever in Chicago, i highly suggest you visit the bar.  The waitresses are easy on the eyes, the German beer is strong, and the pretzels are delicious.

After a few liters we headed over to the line forming near the bleacher section.  A short wait later, we made our way up to the seats.  Unfortunately, because we spent a little too long enjoying our German beer and singing “ziggy socky” we were not able to secure front row seats in either left or right field.  I made an executive decision to sit dead center, so we could enjoy the best angle and view.

The game was exciting for the most part, ending with a walk-off Aramis Ramirez homerun in the 11th inning, but most of the action was not going on the field, it was in the stands.  Wrigley Field is one of the largest single bars in Chicago, if not America.  I will give Chicago fans credit (both male and surprisingly female) for their knowledge and passion about their sports teams, but at the game itself, baseball was the furthest thing from most co-eds minds.  Sundresses, beers, flirting, passing out and stumbling were to be seen everywhere you looked.  Most fans were concerned with chanting their Big Ten school’s cheer more than they were boo’ing opposing players.

I am not going to lie, i enjoyed the people watching (it was an A+), and with the exception of one incident (i will spare you the details but it included an overweight St. Louis couple, fingers, front of the pants and licking)  it was an overall entertaining and fun experience.  If you are an avid baseball fan, the bleachers isn’t for you.  But if you are looking for some eye candy, and finding out where the after party is, then by all means make your way to the Wrigley Field Bleachers.

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