My 2009 1st Round NFL Mock Draft

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2009_draft_logoEvery year I pull together what i think will happen in the 1st round of the NFL draft, along with some commentary on who they should take.  I spend literally minutes pulling all of this information together so you can be prepared for your team’s draft.  Let’s get right into it shall we:

1. On the Clock since sometime in February, the Detroit Lions select – Matt Stafford – QB – Georgia.  This leaves the 0-16 Lions no better than where they were the previous year.  I am not a real big fan on this year’s QB class, and would wait it out till next year’s stellar class.  I would have gone with sure thing, LB Aaron Curry.

2. The St. Louis Rams select – Jason Smith – T – Baylor.  The Big fella will help the Rams sure up their swiss cheese line so their QB’s don’t turn into Trent Green.

3. The Kansas City Chiefs select – Aaron Curry – LB – Wake Forest.  The best player and the most sure thing in the draft, easy pick.  (Why don’t teams take sure things in drafts? In the NBA Brandon Roy and Danny Granger were sure things, but passed for players with higher potential.  It may not initially bring the fans to the stadium, with a lack of name recognition but after they shine, things change.)

4. The Seattle Seahawks select –Mark Sanchez – QB – USC.  They really need a QB, and after seeing a kid with a great system, more offensive weapons than any other school in the country, of course he looks good.  But will he be Carson Palmer or Matt Leinert? I think the latter.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the Redskins traded away all their picks to get this spot and grab Sanchez.

5. The Cleveland Browns select –Brian Orakpo – DE – Texas.  Outside of drafting a set of hands for Braylon Edwards, i think this is the best pick for a team always in need of defense.

6. The Cincinnati Bengals select –Eugene Monroe – OT – Virginia.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the Bengals either traded this pick or took Michael Crabtree to replace TJ WhoseYourMama.  Lord only knows what Marvin and Co. are thinking.

7. The Oakland Raiders select –Michael Crabtree – WR – Texas Tech.  Personally, the Raiders should draft an OT like Andre Smith, but Al has been burned by O-lineman in the past, and will stick with the more popular name, so he can continue to build an offense around a line that cannot protect, or block.

8. The Jacksonville Jaguars select – B.J. Raji – DT – Boston College.  Good Defensive Tackles are hard to come by in the NFL, and the Jags like to build around defense.  I also would not be shocked if they choose WR Jeremy Maclin here.

9. The Green Bay Packers select – Aaron Maybin – DE – Penn St.  The Pack take the very talented defensive end to help a defense that could not slow down a flag football team.

10. The San Francisco 49ers select – Andre Smith – OT – Alabama.  This ‘bama came all sorts of out of shape to the combine which killed his stock, but i hear he has a good upbringing which should endear him to Coach Singletary’s crazy family oriented football team.

11. The Buffalo Bills select – Jeremy Maclin – WR – Missouri.  This is a steal at this pick, and Maclin will replace T.O. about 10 games into the season when the bills are 3-7 and T.O. is throwing his QB under the bus for not helping his stats so he can cash in big during the upcoming Free Agency period.

12. The Denver Broncos select – Tyson Jackson – DE – LSU.  The Broncos made the Packers defense look like the Steel Curtain.  This is a no brainer and must pick at defensive end.

13. The Washington Redskins select – Michael Oher – OT – Ole Miss.  The subject of the book “The Blind Side” is the perfect fit to help a struggling and overrated offensive line.  I do think the Skins will trade this pick to try and get Sanchez.

14. The New Orleans Saints select – Robert Ayers – DE – Tennessee.  Nothing improves a defensive backfield more than a good pass rush.

15. The Houston Texans select – Malcolm Jenkins – CB – OSU.  The Texans need help at both CB and Safety, and if Jenkins is not fast enough for CB, a natural change would work well.

16. The San Diego Chargers select – Brian Cushing – LB – USC.  The Chargers can use some depth at the LB position, and Cushing helps them right away.

17. The New York Jets select – Rey Maualuga – LB – USC.  Rex Ryan is defense-minded, and this is the best defender on the board.  The Jets should take a RB like Wells or Moreno to replace 31 year old Thomas Jones.

18. The Denver Broncos (from Chicago) select – Knowshon Moreno – RB – Georgia.  We saw what happened to the Denver backfield last year, and while they added much needed defensive help with their first pick, this should help fill the RB chart for the Broncos.  This is also a prime spot for a trade as a team in the upper half may want to get back into the 1st round, or a team may want to move up.  Paying 2 1st round players is a huge hit on a team’s salary cap.

19. The Tampa Bay Bucs select – Josh Freeman – QB – Kansas St.  If the Bucs can’t trade up to take one of the top 2 QBs, they will settle for Freeman.  New coach plus a poo-poo platter of QB’s on the depth chart means its time for a new face of the franchise.

20. The Detroit Lions (from Dallas) select – Brandon Pettigrew – TE – Oklahoma St.  Now that the Lions (stupidly) picked their franchise QB, its time to add weapons around him to compliment Calvin Johnson.

21. The Philadelphia Eagles select – Chris Wells – RB – TOSU. Beanie Wells from THE Ohio State University will add much needed depth behind the inevitable injury to Brian Westbrook.

22. The Minnesota Vikings select – Percy Harvin – WR – Florida.  This isn’t the first time the Vikings have drafted a WR who likes to smoke the ganja.

23. The New England Patriots select – Everette Brown – DE – Florida St.  I think Brown can transition to OLB for the Pats which will help them get more depth at that position.  I think the Patriots should draft Louis Delmas from Western Michigan to fulfill their Safety needs.

24. The Atlanta Falcons select – Peria Jerry – DT – Ole Miss.  Running the 4-3, Atlanta needs some help to stop the run, and Jerry is a large, large dude.

25. The Miami Dolphins select – Darrius Haywood-Bey – WR – Maryland.  Adding more options to a creative offensive attack, the Dolphins badly need some play makers to allow them to compete on the offensive side of the ball athletically.

26. The Baltimore Ravens select – Vontae Davis – CB – Illinois.  With the loss of a few CB’s to age and free agency, the Ravens need to stock up on Defensive backs.  I could also see them drafting LB Clay Mathews at this point as well.

27. The Indianapolis Colts select – Louis Delmas – S – Western Michigan.  This guy is a hard hitter, and with Bob Sanders’s over/under on games to be played this year at 9, the Colts could use some DB help.

28. The Buffalo Bills (From Carolina via Phili) select – Ebden Britton – OL – Arizona.  The Bills have lost 2 O-linemen this year and need to address that in the draft.

29. The New York Giants select – Ronald Brown – RB – UConn.  While i think this pick will be traded to the Cleveland Browns for Braylon Scissorhands- Edwards, i think either team can use a backup RB to help their teams.

30. The Tennessee Titans select – Hakeen Nicks – WR – NC St.  The Titans, as we saw last year, struggled when teams stopped the run.  Hopefully Hicks can help a sub-par receiving corp.

31. The Arizona Cardinals select – Clay Matthews – LB – USC.  The Cards, so close to SB victory, still need help on their defense.  Mathews should help add depth to a shaky group.

32. The Pittsburgh Steelers select – Alex Mack – C – Cal.  The reigning SB champs need to protect their QB better, or he will be not-remembering games with Troy Aikman in a few years.

There it is.  You don’t even have to watch all 4 hours of the Draft just pring this out and mark it done.  Sit back and watch the Red Sox vs the Yankees, the Cards vs the Cubs or the Spurs vs the Mavs.

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