The Tournament… and I’m not Talking about the NCAA

, Wednesday, April 15, 2009 at 1:00 PM Comments (1)

NBA Playoffs 2009Forget about 64, rx I want 16. You heard me 16. I want the NBA Playoffs.

Witness the best in the world as they go face to face. Watch Kobe v. Deron Williams, sales CP3 v. Yao, Brandon Roy v. Tim Duncan, Carmelo v. Dirk… all in the first round.

40 games in 40 nights. Where amazing happens. Without a doubt, the best show on TV from April through June.

I’m tired of hearing about the joys of the NCAA tournament it’s over and it’s not basketball at its highest level. This is the highest level. Don’t talk to me about upsets. I want to witness two teams grind it out for seven games because the best team will win.

Remember the plays that Blake Griffin made in the NCAA tournament, and then realize that these 16 teams all have multiple Blake Griffins.

If you can’t appreciate this—a 16 team tournament, the best players in the world, teams that score more than 50 points in a game, a 24 second shot clock, and let me remind you again, 40 games in 40 nights—then you don’t appreciate the game. Simply put, you aren’t a sports fan. This is the pinnacle, it’s where amazing happens. It’s time to strap in for the ride.

The most colorful comentator - Two announcers in one

The most colorful comentator - Two announcers in one

The pathway has been paved for a Kobe v. Lebron final, but they have to get there. Kobe might have to beat Pop and the Big Fundamental just to get to the Western Conference Finals. Lebron has D. Wade staring him in the face if both teams can advance.

Don’t talk to me about defense because what you really mean by defense are flops under the basket. Let’s talk about the man-to-man and blocked shots by a certain King running 80 mph just to stop an easy bucket.

Don’t talk to me about Gus Johnson and Bill Raftery. Let’s talk about Kevin Harlan, the best play-by-play man in all of sport (see, e.g., “He just sucked the gravity right out of the building, with no regard for human life, right between the eyes, up high and down hard, etc.) and Doug Collins who gives more insight in two trips up and down the court than Bill Raftery has given in his entire life.

Don’t talk to me about passion. We have passion. Kevin “Anything is Possible” Garnett says hello if you think we are lacking in passion.

Watch the games. Watch the ability to knock down an open jump shot, to finish with both hands at the rim, and to turn a made bucket into a fastbreak.

We are all witnesses

We are all witnesses

You won’t find yourself watching football on the hardwood; you will find yourself watching the best athletes in the world go up and down for a chance to drink champagne. Get over college basketball. It’s nice. Amateurs play it. Most of them don’t play in the Association. Get ready to listen to the Rose Garden (Portland) and the Energy Solutions Arena (Utah) get louder than you have ever heard a college arena in your life.

Get ready for the Tournament, 40 games in 40 nights, and witness the ending, the coronation of the King and the beginning of the next great Dynasty.

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