The Basketball Jesus Rankings: Week 23

, Monday, April 6, 2009 at 8:00 PM Comments (0)

Basketball JesusAfter a month filled with NCAA basketball, this first week of April has been leading up to the NCAA Championship tonight. But once that’s over, the focus will quickly shift to the NBA Playoffs, Where Amazing Happens.

Ironically enough, we actually have two players in the rankings this week that played for one of the teams competing for the NCAA title. Vince Carter in the number 14 spot and Antawn Jamison in the number 7 spots both suited up in Carolina blue for the UNC Tar Heels. Will that bode well for their alma mater, only time will tell. Now on to the rest of the players in this weeks Basketball Jesus Rankings.As the NCAA tournament field dwindles, the cream is also rising to the top of the rankings with four MVP contenders at the top, lead by LeBron James, once again. Dwyane Wade is close behind but has let King James build up a bit of a lead. Kobe is in third and several hundred points behind D-Wade. But Chris Paul is right behind him in the fourth spot with enough room to overtake Kobe before the season comes to a close.

After Chris Paul it’s a log Jam with Dirk and Dwight all within 100 points of CP3.  The first Tar Heel in The Rankings, Jamison, leads off the crew of Chris “Don’t call me RuPaul” Bosh, Kung Pau Gasol, Kevin Durant, Brandon Roy, Joe Johnson and Tim Duncan that have been shuffling spots for several weeks.

The list is rounded out by the likes of Vinsanity and The Truth, both of which continue the houdini routine, appearing and disappearing from the bottom of The Rankings.

  1. LeBron James [3344]
  2. Dwyane Wade [3217]
  3. Kobe Bryant [2872]
  4. Chris Paul [2795]
  5. Dirk Nowitzki [2760]
  6. Dwight Howard [2706]
  7. Antawn Jamison [2591]
  8. Chris Bosh [2487]
  9. Pau Gasol [2425]
  10. Kevin Durant [2376]
  11. Brandon Roy [2374]
  12. Joe Johnson [2367]
  13. Tim Duncan [2360]
  14. Vince Carter [2311]
  15. Paul Pierce [2305]

Note: Point, rebound and assist total listed next to the player.

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