The Basketball Jesus Rankings: Week 16

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Basketball JesusLike the professional sports world and the majority of the working world, The Basketball Jesus Rankings took Monday off to observe Presidents Day. To pay homage to this momentous annual occasion, after the jump we’ll take a brief intermission to highlight the basketball skillz of our current Baller-In-Chief.

He’s got range, great court vision and a sweet in-and-out dribble move (don’t you dare call a carry or palming violation on the Prez) and he’s not afraid to step up and bury a pressure shot as you can see at the end. But how’s his right hand? I think everyone that guarded him was too afraid to test it.

Now that that’s out of the way, here’s the list.

Looks like the smokes may be keeping Barry in fighting shape these days

Looks like those smokes may be helping to keep Barry down to his fighting weight these days

On the short week (courtesy of the always-improving, always-interesting and always-controversial All-Star Weekend), there wasn’t a whole lot of movement in The Rankings. Aside from the start of Al Jefferson’s impending slide out of the rankings, the top-12 primarily remained the same. Rookie-Sophomore Challenge MVP Kevin Durant (5) did pass Chris Bosh (7) who’s knee was banged up enough to keep him out of the All-Star Weekend. And Tim Duncan (9) did sneak by Chris Paul (10), but that can be chalked up to the one-game advantage that Duncan had over Paul last week, 3-2.

Then there was a little ring-around-the-rosey as the two All-Stars, Paul Pierce (13) and Joe Johnson (14), leapfrogged the former All-Star, Half-Man, Half-Amazing, Vince Carter (15).

LeBron (1), Dwyane Wade (2) and Kobe (3) are still sitting at the top and each have a sizeable lead over the next. The second-half of the season should be interesting, and injuries could make or break the final standings.

  1. LeBron James [2194]
  2. Dwyane Wade [2093]
  3. Kobe Bryant [1987]
  4. Dirk Nowitzki [1861]
  5. Kevin Durant [1822]
  6. Al Jefferson [1783]
  7. Chris Bosh [1770]
  8. Dwight Howard [1760]
  9. Tim Duncan [1759]
  10. Chris Paul [1721]
  11. Antawn Jamison [1719]
  12. Danny Granger [1680]
  13. Paul Pierce [1622]
  14. Joe Johnson [1605]
  15. Vince Carter [1601]

Note: Point, rebound and assist total listed next to the player.

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