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, Friday, February 6, 2009 at 8:00 AM Comments (0)

Chuck NorrisThis weeks  links for the post-Super Bowl hangover:

While the ending of the game can be questioned, hospital at least fans in Tucson got a nice little surprise.

The Boston Celtics have decided to part ways with their mascot.  I wonder how the job market is for experienced leprechauns?

This is rather old, ampoule but i stumbled upon this gem of a failed high 5.

What better symbolizes the Steeler fans than this sign:steeler sign

And lastly this week, while Tom Brady is the golden boy of Boston, with his supermodel girlfriend, his 3 Super Bowls, and his MVP awards, Matt Cassel seems to be coming into his own.  He is not a golden boy just yet, but he came very close to a golden shower.

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Chuck Norris Once struck lightening

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