The Basketball Jesus Rankings: Week 8

, Monday, December 22, 2008 at 8:52 AM Comments (0)

Basketball Jesus

Holy Half-Man Half-Amazing, we have a Vince Carter sighting. Coming in at the #13 spot, the aging wonder has eeked his way onto the list. Only one of two Nets we might possibly see in the rankings this year. The other being Devin Harris who has been scoring like a mad man and raking in the assists as well. But he’s got a ways to go since he lost so much time with his early-season injury. LeBron has managed to hold onto the top spot, but it may not last for long as D-Wade is a measly 38 points behind.

    The firey German, Dirk Nowitzki has leapfrogged Chris Bosh and Dwight Howard to take over the third spot, and now may be making a run at D-Wade and LBJ. There was a big shake-up in the top five as Dirk bumped Bosh down to fourth, and Kobe jumped up three spots to take the fifth position, kicking Tim Duncan down to the 8th spot.

    We are still Warriorless. But Brandon Roy is holding on strong, as is Joe Johnson (of course), and Chris Paul looks like he’s making plans to stay in the rankings.

    Kevin Durant just barely held onto the #15 spot and Zach Randolph somehow climbed back into the #14 spot. Don’t expect that to last.

    1. LeBron James [1101]
    2. Dwyane Wade [1063]
    3. Dirk Nowitzki [983]
    4. Chris Bosh [971]
    5. Kobe Bryant [920]
    6. Dwight Howard [902]
    7. Amare Stoudemire [901]
    8. Tim Duncan [896]
    9. Brandon Roy [895]
    10. Al Jefferson [892]
    11. Joe Johnson [880]
    12. Chris Paul [861]
    13. Vince Carter [852]
    14. Zach Randolph [847]
    15. Kevin Durant [822]

    Note: Point, rebound and assist total listed next to the player.

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