The Basketball Jesus Rankings: Week 5

, Monday, December 1, 2008 at 3:39 PM Comments (0)

In the spirit of recapping this festive Thanksgiving week, filled with Turkey and NFL goodness, we’ll skip the stuffing and go right for the meat of the rankings. I’ll give you a hint. The King is still King, and at least one of the Warriors is losing the battle.

As promised, LeBron James continues to lead the way in the Larry Bird League rankings. But Dwyane Wade continues to cut into the lead that at one point already appeared insurmountable. D-Wade sits only 11 points behind and could leap into the top spot in any week that he plays four games to Bron Bron’s three.

Still a ways behind the top two, Dwight Howard and Chris Bosh continue to distance themselves from the rest of the pack.

As predicted, we’re down to only one Warrior in the rankings, Stephen Jackson at the number 15 spot. But his time in the rankings looks to be numbered as Jamal Crawford is already dipping into his numbers in a big way. And don’t hold your breath waiting for Biedrins to make his way back.

Joe Johnson continues to leave egg on the face since he’s still sitting pretty in the 11th spot and while only averaging 22.7 points per game. He’s above his career average in rebounds, near his career high, and well over his career average in assists. Joe and the Hawks might just be turning a corner.

The bottom of the rankings is shaping up with the likes of Carmelo Anthony, Al Jefferson and Paul Pierce. So all is well there. The rest of the rankings, in their entirety follow below.

  1. LeBron James 703
  2. Dwyane Wade 692
  3. Dwight Howard 635
  4. Chris Bosh 629
  5. Amare Stoudemire 572
  6. Chris Paul 565
  7. Dirk Nowitzki 562
  8. Brandon Roy 548
  9. Tim Duncan 542
  10. Vince Carter 527
  11. Joe Johnson 522
  12. Carmelo Anthony 514
  13. Stephen Jackson 514
  14. Al Jefferson 514
  15. Paul Pierce 511

Note: Point, rebound and assist total listed next to the player.

On a related note, we’re going to focus in on the player who has cemented himself in the rankings and claimed the number eight spot this week, Brandon Roy. This week an opponent complimented Roy’s “first step” while asserting that Roy isn’t a very “quick” player. Which leads me to this revelation. Is quick dead? Look around the league at players like Brandon Roy, Steve Nash, Deron Williams. Guys that can get by anyone, anytime, and make things happen off the dribble in the lane. The “quick” of CP3 and LBJ certainly doesn’t hurt, but is it necessary? Because plenty of players in the Association seem to be getting along just fine without it. More to come on that at a later date, perhaps.

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