New Jersey Nets are Helping Unemployed Fans

, Wednesday, November 12, 2008 at 6:26 PM Comments (0)

The Nets organization “gets it.”

The economy sucks, we all know that. But we’re not going to make our way out of this by burying our heads in the sand of our own private beaches. The only way for us to come out of this is for us to come together as communities to work collectively on getting everyone to a better place.

The Nets aren’t exactly a big draw right now, and I say that with all due respect to Half-Man Half-Amazing, Devin and The Chairman. On top of that, the average NBA ticket price is up to $49.47, according to Team Marketing Report (TMR). Combine that with the sour economy and you’ve got an equation for terrible game attendance this season. But the Nets organization understands that if their community of fans is suffering, they suffer.

So today the Nets announced that they’re going to do something to help. The Nets Job Bank is now accepting the resumes of unemployed Nets fans, who will be eligible to receive four free tickets each, to a Nets home game. Everyone that submits their resume will also be invited to attend a career fair at the Izod Center in late November. The Nets will end up giving away a 300 tickets to each of five home games, giving a much needed lift to the spirits of some of New Jersey’s fans and families in need.

While many companies are stomping down to Washington demanding bailouts and cash infusions because they lacked foresight and couldn’t adapt, there are some companies that are stepping up, seeing potential value and investing their time, money and future in people that have supported them in the past and will surely support them in the future.

The average Nets ticket costs $55.95. Not knowing where these donated seats will be located (they could be cheaper, they could be more expensive), the Nets will be investing somewhere around $83,925 in 375 unemployed fans and sending 1,500 fans to the games and touching thousands more when you consider the impact of the career fair.

I look forward to seeing other teams and other sports extending similar gestures to the people that put food on the tables of the players an executives, the fans.

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