A B.S. Championship

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If you’re a fan of college football and/or an avid viewer of sports news, you may have seen video clips the other week or read some tidbits of Penn State football coach Joe Paterno and USC football coach Pete Carroll ranting about the Bowl Championship Series, better known as the “BCS.” I found both rants quite entertaining, but very different, especially with the outcome of this past weekend in college football.

Carroll was appalled that his USC team was demoted from No.5 in the rankings to No.7. It was shocking to him that the flawed system of the BCS took into account the Trojans loss to an unranked Oregon State team. The teams ahead of USC have/had perfect records or losses to teams that are much, much better than the Oregon State squad. I have to agree with other critics that believe Carroll needs to shut up, or put up.

When you’ve got arguably one of the most talented teams in the country you can’t make excuses or complain about the system that everyone has to deal with.

Compare Carroll’s rant to that of one Mr. Joseph Vincent Paterno. Paterno, 81, humorously denounced his appreciation for the BCS by questioning whether or not it was actually termed the “BSC.” Either Paterno is starting to lose it, or he’s got a great sense of humor for an old dude. JoePa has been around a very long time, and realizes the only thing he can worry about is getting his team ready to perform each week.

His legend is sound and he’s proven that he can win. Paterno is not going to get caught up, bitch and moan about the system cheating his team. After Penn State’s most recent loss to Iowa, Paterno reacted as he should, and the way I wish Carroll would react. Penn State was beaten. He acknowledged that the Nittany Lions played poorly in the second half and he congratulated Iowa for a good game. Paterno spoke as if he recognized the magnitude of the loss, but still is content and pleased with his teams effort and the possibility of playing in a big bowl game.

The new BCS rankings are out and I have yet to witness a Paterno press conference where PSU’s coach is complaining about being dropped from No.3 to No.8. That’s not his style. Joe’s old school, very much like Mike Ditka. One of my favorite quotes from Ditka is simple. It applies to all those overblown egos that feel they are entitled to certain treatment. It’s short and sweet. “Shut up, and play football!”

I for one am not a fan of the BCS and can understand Carroll’s overall dissatisfaction with it. However, the system hasn’t all of a sudden become flawed. It’s been flawed. Every contender knows each season if you want a chance for a title, you’re most likely going to have to run the table. That’s where the system in my opinion falls short of crowning a true champion. If there are more than two teams with undefeated records it’s unfair to the team(s) left out of the BCS Championship game. College I-A football needs to do the right thing and dump the BCS and adopt a playoff system.

I don’t know what Paterno was thinking when he referred to the BCS as the BSC, but I am going to attempt to read his mind here. The BSC stands for a Bull Shit Championship. Most champions are crowned after they’ve taking on, and beaten, the best of the best. The Football Bowl Subdivision needs to quickly move to the system the Football Championship Subdivision (I-AA) plays with. Get rid of a BS title and let the best teams play each other over the course of a few weeks to determine the champion. A tournament won’t be a perfect solution, as Carroll highlighted in his press conference the other week, but it does get closer to determining the best team.

For the time being, Carroll, and the rest of college football have to sweat out what the computers will produce each week. Go out and win the games you are supposed to win (e.g. USC 21, Oregon State 27). Until the current system changes, Carroll needs to turn it down in front of the mics and get his players to turn it up on the field.

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